Samuka Cup – A7: Opening

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Samuka Cup – A7!

1. You can check the bracket here.
2. Rules:
2.1. Best of 3; Semifinals and Final will be best of 5.
2.2. No ban selection.
2.3. Cant use the winner formation again like Jamir/Jamiel Championship.
2.4. Match must start/begin immediately after the previous match (cosmos cant be changed between games).
2.5. Matches must be recorded and posted on youtube or in the whatsapp’s group. The link has to be sent to one of the administrators (Samuka, Magaton, both are in the whatsapp’s group).
2.6. Players will decide when they are going to play. We request that the players inform the hour they are going to play.
3. Players that have won in the first round can play directly (on the same day after their win) against players from the second round. Must follow the previous rules.
4. Prize.
First Place) 240, 00 reais.
Second Place) 120, 00 reais.
Third Place) 70, 00 reais.
Forth Place) 50,00 reais.

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